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kiggor: Dachshunds can’t wait to take a bath

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awkwardsituationistdescribed by david attenborough as his favorite place to see wildlife in the united kingdom, the farne islands are home to a colony of playful grey seals that come to the islands — which are owned and protected by the british conservation charity, the national trust — to have their pups in the autumn.

renowned for being friendly, the seals often want to play hide and seek with the photographers, and like to mimic their underwater movements. the seals are also prone to nibbling on the fins of photographers and hugging their legs, which can complicate shots already made difficult by the cold water’s limited visibility.

photos by (click pic) nigel roddis, adam hanlon, eleonora manca, saeed rashid, alex tattersall, caroline robertson brown and robert bailey.

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2headedsnake: Coen Robben

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